Two day training at Islamia University, Bahawalpur

A two day training was announced and conducted for the library professionals of The Central Library Bahawalpur and constituent libraries by LISolutions. The main objective of LISolutions is to “Excel the skills” of library professionals, through this extensive training to make them trained in serving the users/patrons most effectively.

The training theme was “Introduction to IT” . The detailed schedule of this training was published before one week. The following resource persons from LISolutions conducted the training:

  • Ata ur Rehman (Trainer)
  • Nausheen (Co-Trainer)

Twenty full time and part-time professionals attended this training. The main purpose of this training was to build a solid base for librarians for forthcoming intensive trainings on more advanced level like Information Storage and Retrieval, Surviving in Digital Age, Implementation of Library 2.0 in the age of Web 2.0, etc.

The following subtopics were covered by the Trainers in a very professional manners:

  • Basics of computers and Information Technology
  • A brief introduction to computer software, hardware, Operating System
  • Introduction to Debian Linux and Microsoft Windows (XP and Vista)
  • Advanced formatting by using Microsoft Word
  • Format your document by using heading styles
  • Use of reference tools (TOC, Index, Footnotes and End notes)
  • Auto-text, Auto Correct Options
  • Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint and its usage in libraries
  • Master view of a slide and Header and Footer for slides in PowerPoint
  • Use of MS Excel for making spreadsheets.
  • Formulae and functions in MS Excel
  • A brief introduction of WWW and internet

The training was conducted in a very learning friendly atmosphere. Hands on training/learning was the major objective of this training.

Trainees took part in different assignments and activities with great interest which make this training more effective

Note: The lecture slides/reading material for this training can be downloaded at here

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