Koha 3: Opportunities for Librarians

The release of Koha 3 is not a new story and its popularity among the librarians of the world is increasing day by day due to its powerful framework, stability, ease of use and the flexibility to customize the different modules.

But according to our observation and discussion with professional librarians at Islamabad/Lahore, Pakistani librarians are hesitating to use it due to the following reasons:

  • Its Windows version is not available
  • Most of librarians are not trained to run Linux or Linux-based softwares
  • Skill set required to setup the software is not available in most of libraries
  • No serious action has been taken to promote Free and Open-Source Softwares in Pakistan
  • No infrastructure is available for trainings to use Free and Open-Source Softwares

Pakistani librarians can get the benefits of Koha 3 by learning Linux OS. LISolutions is preparing some trainings for the use of Koha 3 in near future. Our main focus will to highlight the main features of Koha and its usage for different segments of library community like librarians, patrons, teachers, administrators and other library stakeholders.

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